Tena & Puyo

  • Altitude: 598 meters
  • Inhabitants: 8941
  • Region: Jungle

Tena and Puyo are two towns in the Amazon jungle, which makes up the Eastern part of Ecuador, also known as el Oriente. Both towns are gateways to the amazing Amazon region and from there it is possible to access the grand variety of jungle lodges. Tena is located in a gorgeous setting surrounded by jungle-covered hills and is great base for white-water rafting trips and kayak trips on the surrounding rivers. Puyo is slightly bigger than Tena with a population of 35.000 people and is easily accessible through the Baños-Puyo road. Puyo is a laid back jungle town and from here it is possible to undertake great jungle trips.

Accommodation in the surrounding areas of Tena and Puyo are offered in jungle lodges. These jungle lodges offer daily activities and all meals are prepared and served in the restaurants of the lodges. You can read more about your jungle lodge and the example itinerary in a separate information sheet.

Tena – AmaZOOnico

The animals in this rehabilitation center have been rescued after being found because illegal traffickers sold them or their habitats were destroyed. In a number of cases they were found because their owners kept them as pets and then left them behind. The goal is to release the animals back into the rainforest but often the animals have been domesticated and can´t survive in the jungle anymore. Volunteers will be happy to explain you about the different animals. More info:  www.amazoonicorescuecenter.com

Puyo – Yanacocha Rescue Center

Yanacocha Rescue Center aims to preserve the biodiversity of the rainforest by stopping and preventing environmental resource destruction. They aim to achieve this by rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals that are in direct danger of being captured illegally by poachers, being treated inhumanely, or being kept or killed illegally. They also aim to educate both local and international communities on the importance of wildlife conservation through their effective, science-based research and rehabilitation programs. More info: www.yanacocharescue.org

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Insiders´ tips

  • In case you travel with private transport, ask your driver to make a stop on the way when driving from Puyo to Baños at a local sugar cane factory or balsa wood shop and factory to see the processing of either sugar cane or balsa wood.

  • Enjoy the beautiful views and take some time to take pictures when travelling from Baños to either Puyo or Tena.

Medical attention

  • Tena. Hospital Jose Maria Velasco. Address 15 de Noviembre. More info: +593-6-2886-302.

  • Puyo. Hospital General Puyo. Address 9 de Octubre y Bolívar Feicán. More info: +593- 3-2793-268.