• Altitude: 2850 meters
  • Inhabitants: 2.671.191
  • Region: North-Andes

Quito (Spanish pronunciation: ‘kito’), formally San Francisco de Quito, is the capital city of Ecuador, and is located at an elevation of 2.850 meters above sea level. It is the highest official capital city in the world. It is located in north-central Ecuador in the Guayllabamba river basin, on the eastern slopes of Pichincha, an active stratovolcano in the Andes mountains. With a population of 2.671.191 according to the last census (2014), Quito is the second most populous city in Ecuador, after Guayaquil.

Churches and museums

  • La Basilica del Voto Nacional.
    For a small entrance fee, you can climb the stairs to the top of the church, with a good view on El Panecillo with the statue of virgin Maria keeping an eye on the city. Address Venezuela y Carchi.

  • Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús.
    This church is also known as the Golden Church as everything is covered with gold leafs.Address Garcia Moreno y Sucre, close to plaza San Francisco. More info: www.fundacioniglesiadelacompania.org.ec

  • Museo de la Ciudad.
    Learn about Ecuadorian history and culture.Address Garcia Moreno y Rocafuerte. Open from Tuesday to Sunday. More info: www.museociudadquito.gob.ec

  • La Capilla del Hombre.

    This museum exhibits the art of the famous Ecuadorian painter Guayasamin.Address Loreno Chavez E18-143 y Mariano Calvache – Bellavista.

Mitad del Mundo

Ecuador takes its name from the fact that the equator line runs through the country. Just outside of Quito you can visit the Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the Earth). There is an equator monument and the museum of Inti Ñan (where the real equator is estimated to be) which make an interesting and fun day trip. Both Mitad del Mundo and the museum Inti Ñan are located an hour drive from the center of Quito. You can take a public bus there or go by taxi. If you go by bus, you should take the Metro bus from ´Avenida America´ and get off at the last stop which is small terminal called Ofelia. From the bus terminal Ofelia, take a bus to Mitad del Mundo. More info: www.mitaddelmundo.com and www.museointinan.com.ec


The Teleferico is a modern cable car going up to the Pichincha to get great views of the city. Take a taxi to get there. As normally in the afternoon the sky is getting cloudy, we recommend to go here in the morning.Open every day from 9.00.

La Ronda

Enjoy the lively street of La Ronda in the colonial center during the evenings. The street is filled with typical Ecuadorian bars and restaurants with live music. Try a ‘canelazo’ (cinnamon drink with alcohol) and eat ‘empanadas’. This street gives a nice impression of how locals spend their free time.Most crowded at Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Mercado Artisanal

Buy your souvenirs at this big market in the Mariscal neighborhood.Address Juan León Mera and Jorge Washington.

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    Insiders’ tips

  • Visit Cafe Modelo, opened in 1950. The oldest cafe of the city. Address Sucre y Garcia Moreno.

  • Taste Ecuadorian chocolate and coffee at República de Cacao. Address corner Plaza Foch.

  • Hop on and hop off at the Quito city bus. More info: www.quitotourbus.com

  • Watch the change of the guards at the presidential palace at Plaza Grande. Every Monday at 11.00.

  • Visit Parque Carolina or El Ejido to have an idea of Ecuadorian family life. During the weekends people gather in the parks to take a ride on a pedal boat or just simply eat, drink, do sports and walk around.

  • Rent a bike and join the Ciclopaseo. Every Sunday until 14.00 the main road Rio Amazonas is closed for vehicles and you can explore the city from North to South by bike.

  • Visit the new sports and culture center Cumanda. They have a beautiful scale model of Quito and surroundings.(Location: end of the street la Ronda, formerly bus terminal).

Restaurant tips
  • El Theatrum. Located on the Plaza Teatro above el Teatro Bolivar, experience real Ecuadorian food in a fancy way.Address Manabi y Plaza del Teatro – colonial center. More info:www.theatrum.com.ec

  • Chandani Tandoori. Indian restaurant with delicious curries and very affordable prices.Address Juan León Mera y Luis Cordero – Mariscal. More info:+593 2-2221-053.

  • Café Mosaico. Greek restaurant with beautiful views over old town.Address Manuel Samaniego y Antepara- Itchimbía. More info:www.cafemosaico.com.ec

  • Baalbek. Lebanese restaurant with live performances of belly dancers on Thursdays.Address Av. 6 de Diciembre N23-103 y Wilson- Mariscal. More info:www.restaurantbaalbek.com

  • Romelo e Remo. A hip Italian with different locations, good food and local ambiance for an affordable price.Address Avenida de la Coruña y Isabel Catholica – La Floresta.More info: +593 2-2525-749.

Medical attention
  • Clinicas de Pichincha.Address Veintimilla y Paez- Mariscal.More info: +593 2- 2998-700.

  • Hospital Metropolitano.Address Avenida Mariana de Jesus y Nicolas Arteta – Northern suburbs.More info +593 2-3998-000.