• Altitude: 5 meters
  • Inhabitants: 1000
  • Region: Coast

The south coast of Ecuador is a beautiful region with long sandy beaches, quiet fishing towns and great waves to surf on. Montañita is known as a surfer´s paradise and has a vibrant nightlife. It attracts a young crowd but visitors from all ages can enjoy the beach, the many bars and the stalls in the streets that sell fresh juices. The coastal climate that you will experience here is usually warm and dry.


Montañita is an excellent place to practise surf, also when it is your first time on the board. Numerous surfing schools at and around the beach offer surfing classes. For other activities, check out Machalilla Tours, located on the main street near Banco Bolivariano. They lead a wide range of activities, including walking tours through the rainforest ($45), bicycling excursions ($45), horse riding ($45) and paragliding ($40). More info:


Montañita at night is something special and so many tourists come to this town, ideal for meetings, gatherings with friends or to make new friends. People all over the world visit this place and parties are spectacular; You can find them on the street, in bars, and / or in nightclubs.The bars are open every day and nightclubs open from Thursday to Sunday, but the party is there every day in Montañita.

Click on the following link for more activities and tours: Coast Tours

Insiders´ tips

  • Drink a tropical cocktail at one of the beach bars or the street stalls!

  • Enjoy a tasty breakfast on the street with many delicious options such as pancakes, juices, yoghurt, fresh fruits and more!

  • Another must is to eat Montanita cevice shell in the carts located on the main street, these shells are collected by divers and fishermen on the very tip of Montantina and surroundings.


  • Closing time of the bars: 4 am

  • Make sure you don´t walk alone on the beach or remote areas during the night.

  • Do not accept drinks from strangers and to not go to houses of people you don´t know.

  • The best way to enjoy the night is to stay

    with your friends or fellow students.

Restaurant tip:

  • Tiki Limbo. A range of international dishes prepared with fresh ingredients that will make you feel at home. Address Guido Chiriboga Solar 2. More info:

Medical attention

The closest hospital can be found in the town of Puerto Cayo. In case of more severe cases, we recommend going to a hospital in Guayaquil:

  • Clinica Guayaquil. Address Padre Aguirre 401 y General Córdova. More info: +593-4-2563-555.

  • Omni Hospital. Address Avenida Abel Castillo y Avenida Juan Tanca Marengo. More info: +593-4-2109-000.