• Altitude: 6268 meters
  • Inhabitants: 407.876 (province)
  • Region: Central- Andes

The Chimborazo is the highest volcano of Ecuador (6310 meters). It was estimated that the last eruption was around 550 A.D. and is therefore an inactive volcano. The volcano is located in the Reserva de Producción Faunística Chimborazo. This reserve is famous for the vicuñas (a kind of llama) that live here.

Visiting the Chimborazo makes an exciting day trip. In private transport you will go up to the first refuge at 4850 meters. Here you can find an interpretation center with information about the area and the flora and fauna of the reserve. This first refuge is your starting point and from here on you can walk up to the second refuge at 5060 meters. You have a great opportunity to see vicuñas, the local ´habitants’ of the area. If you have the ´sunset tour´ included in your program you can watch a beautiful sunset from the Chimborazo, the closest place to the sun.
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Restaurant tip Within the reserve are no facilities like restaurants or shops. The closest recommendable restaurant is located 30 minutes from the entrance of the reserve:

  • Estrella de Chimborazo. Beautiful lodge that serves both national and international food in their restaurant. Address Vía al Chimborazo, km. 23. More info: +593-3-2364-278.