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Our impact approaches as Colourful Ecuador Travels

As Colourful Ecuador Travels we care to inspire and to make a difference.

Therefore, we are happy to share the story telling of our company and invite you to feel the history of our inspirational journey.

Colourful Impact

As a vibrant DMC company, active since 2002, we have always cared to inspire others while making a difference, leaving a trail of Colourful impact behind us in every step of the way: Within our company and employees, through our providers, while seeking to continuously create lasting WOW experiences towards our passengers.

Kindness and inspiration

CET provides from its employees, guides, to hotel and transportation providers with opportunities to focus on lasting impacts. Furthermore, our company has an incredible social mission to not only focus on selling a destination but to encourage everyone involved to celebrate kindness and to always inspire others around us.


The culture of CET is based on kindness and inspiration: Not only are our employees and providers encouraged to support their colleagues but are also encouraged to help and to give back to the community. Being part of sharing their time in the company’s local projects and learning about their importance are one of our most important values. In CET we practice the change we want to see in example with the following contributions:

  1. BY supporting our Amazon animal rescue center in recruiting worldwide volunteers to help feed, care, and train them. This center was founded in 2006 with the goal of protecting the wildlife of the Amazon region, through the rescue and rehabilitation of local flora and fauna. The animals at the center have all been abused, neglected, or abandoned.

    Additionally, we direct touristic groups to visit the center on their journey so that the collected entrance fee for groups can contribute as a donation to the center.

    Furthermore, we also focus to provide help to our social projects in which volunteers assist with childcare functions at the projects in the south of Quito. Families in this area commonly suffer from issues of domestic violence, substance addiction and a high rate of single motherhood. The day care services provided assures that children receive nutritious meals throughout the day, educational classes to begin their learning development and regular medical check-ups.

  2. BY providing refillable water bottles to all our arriving passengers to prevent the purchase of single used plastic bottles.

  3. BY certifying our company with stamps committed to sustainability such as Safe Travels, Travelife Partner and local certifications like Calidad Turistica- Distintivo Q-.


We’re not just saying it. We practice it.

As a DMC we are always willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact: From women´s empowerment projects that sell organic shampoo and Quinoa cookies for our tourist´s welcome packages, to training local people to run our hotel in their local community, while also advocating for sustainable and responsible consumer behavior for tourists- we are committed to always leaving our own Colourful Impact behind.